League transaction log -- LMBQ2017
Regular season

4/3/2017MilHarperPlaced on disabled list 4/4/2017Before
4/3/2017MilHollidayPromoted to active roster  Before
4/7/2017ColChacinPromoted to active roster  Before
4/7/2017ColHellicksonPlaced on disabled list 4/4/2017Before
4/7/2017StLHooverPlaced on disabled list 4/6/2017Before
4/9/2017CinRivera,RSigned  Before
4/9/2017StLBroxton,JSigned  Before
4/16/2017CinPena,BReleased  Before
4/16/2017LAHeywardPromoted to active roster  Before
4/16/2017LAThompson,TDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/16/2017PitBradley,APromoted to active roster  Before
4/16/2017PitSanchez,AnPlaced on disabled list 4/16/2017Before
4/16/2017StLRufReleased  Before
4/17/2017PitBradley,APlaced on disabled list 4/18/2017Before
4/17/2017PitCingraniPromoted to active roster  Before
4/19/2017CinDruryPlaced on disabled list 4/20/2017Before
4/19/2017CinOttavinoPromoted to active roster  Before
4/22/2017MilHarperActivated from disabled list  Before
4/22/2017MilPolanco,GDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/23/2017NYMMarte,SPlaced on disabled list 4/23/2017Before
4/23/2017NYMWithrowSigned  Before
4/23/2017NYMWithrowPromoted to active roster  Before
4/23/2017PitCingraniDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/23/2017PitConleyPromoted to active roster  Before
4/23/2017SFRamirez,ASigned  Before
4/25/2017CinKeuchelPlaced on disabled list 4/26/2017Before
4/25/2017CinLirianoPromoted to active roster  Before
4/25/2017WasBauerPlaced on disabled list 4/26/2017Before
4/25/2017WasUriasPromoted to active roster  Before
4/29/2017CinDavis,KPlaced on disabled list 4/30/2017Before
4/29/2017CinParker,JPromoted to active roster  Before
4/29/2017MiaMarkakisAcquired via tradeStL After
4/29/2017MiaStantonTraded awayStL After
4/29/2017StLCole,GPromoted to active roster  Before
4/29/2017StLGregersonPlaced on disabled list 4/30/2017Before
4/29/2017StLMarkakisTraded awayMia After
4/29/2017StLStantonAcquired via tradeMia After
4/30/2017ChNBautistaPlaced on disabled list 4/30/2017Before
4/30/2017ChNd'Arnaud,CPromoted to active roster  Before
4/30/2017MiaBarrettDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/30/2017MiaBelisleSigned  Before
4/30/2017MiaBelislePromoted to active roster  Before
4/30/2017MilFrazier,TPromoted to active roster  Before
4/30/2017MilSuarez,EDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/30/2017NYMSimmons,SReleased  Before
4/30/2017SFBlanco,GReleased  Before
5/1/2017ChNCoghlanPromoted to active roster  Before
5/1/2017ChNRobinson,CPlaced on disabled list 5/2/2017Before
5/2/2017PitMarinezDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/2/2017PitSanchez,AnActivated from disabled list  Before
5/5/2017CinDruryActivated from disabled list  Before
5/5/2017CinParker,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/6/2017MilDifoPromoted to active roster  Before
5/6/2017MilJasoPlaced on disabled list 5/3/2017Before
5/8/2017MiaMorales,FReleased  Before
5/9/2017CinDaviesPlaced on disabled list 5/10/2017Before
5/9/2017CinGarcia,GPromoted to active roster  Before
5/11/2017NYMBlackmonPlaced on disabled list 5/12/2017Before
5/11/2017NYMMarte,SActivated from disabled list  Before
5/13/2017StLBraultPromoted to active roster  Before
5/13/2017StLChenPlaced on disabled list 5/14/2017Before
5/13/2017WasBauerActivated from disabled list  Before
5/13/2017WasUriasDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/14/2017ChNVogelsongPromoted to active roster  Before
5/14/2017ChNWood,BDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/14/2017PitBradley,AActivated from disabled list  Before
5/14/2017PitCashnerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/15/2017ChNBautistaActivated from disabled list  Before
5/15/2017ChNd'Arnaud,CDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/15/2017CinDavis,KActivated from disabled list  Before
5/15/2017CinPhillips,BDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/15/2017ColFrazier,ADemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/15/2017ColHellicksonActivated from disabled list  Before
5/15/2017PitCarpenterPlaced on disabled list 5/16/2017Before
5/15/2017PitVan SlykePromoted to active roster  Before
5/15/2017StLCole,GDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/15/2017StLGregersonActivated from disabled list  Before
5/16/2017CinKeuchelActivated from disabled list  Before
5/16/2017CinOwingsDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/20/2017ChNCervenkaSigned  Before
5/20/2017MiaCollmenterPromoted to active roster  Before
5/20/2017MiaSalasDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/20/2017SFPerazaPlaced on disabled list 5/20/2017Before
5/20/2017SFRamirez,APromoted to active roster  Before
5/22/2017PitMarinezPromoted to active roster  Before
5/22/2017PitRoss,JPlaced on disabled list 5/23/2017Before
5/23/2017ChNde la Rosa,RPromoted to active roster  Before
5/23/2017ChNKershawPlaced on disabled list 5/24/2017Before
5/25/2017ColHellicksonTraded awayNYM After
5/25/2017ColMargotAcquired via tradeNYM After
5/25/2017NYMNolaPlaced on disabled list 5/26/2017Before
5/25/2017NYMHellicksonAcquired via tradeCol After
5/25/2017NYMMargotTraded awayCol After
5/27/2017AtlCervelliDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/27/2017AtlDrewSigned  Before
5/27/2017AtlDrewPromoted to active roster  Before
5/27/2017ChNWood,BReleased  Before
5/27/2017CinDaviesActivated from disabled list  Before
5/27/2017CinLirianoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/27/2017ColBlanco,GSigned  Before
5/27/2017ColCorbinPromoted to active roster  Before
5/27/2017ColFernandezDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/27/2017ColKarnsPromoted to active roster  Before
5/27/2017MilHarperPlaced on disabled list 5/28/2017Before
5/27/2017MilPuigPromoted to active roster  Before
5/27/2017PitConleyPlaced on disabled list 5/26/2017Before
5/27/2017PitGsellmanPromoted to active roster  Before
5/31/2017NYMBlackmonActivated from disabled list  Before
5/31/2017NYMKnebelDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/1/2017AtlDietrichAcquired via tradeChN After
6/1/2017ChNDietrichTraded awayAtl After
6/1/2017ColAlbers,MAcquired via tradeSF After
6/1/2017ColBeltranTraded awaySF After
6/1/2017ColFamiliaTraded awaySF After
6/1/2017ColGrandersonAcquired via tradeSF After
6/1/2017ColRuiz,CTraded awaySF After
6/1/2017ColVerrettAcquired via tradeSF After
6/1/2017SFAlbers,MTraded awayCol After
6/1/2017SFBeltranAcquired via tradeCol After
6/1/2017SFFamiliaAcquired via tradeCol After
6/1/2017SFGrandersonTraded awayCol After
6/1/2017SFRuiz,CAcquired via tradeCol After
6/1/2017SFVerrettTraded awayCol After
6/1/2017StLBraultDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/1/2017StLChenActivated from disabled list  Before
6/2/2017AtlBaez,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/2/2017AtlPachecoReleased  Before
6/2/2017ChNd'Arnaud,CPromoted to active roster  Before
6/2/2017ColCowgillReleased  Before
6/2/2017MiaAxfordPromoted to active roster  Before
6/2/2017MiaCollmenterDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/2/2017MiaFrancoeurDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/2/2017MiaMorrisonPromoted to active roster  Before
6/2/2017MiaSalasDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/2/2017MiaSalasPromoted to active roster  Before
6/2/2017SFRoss,DDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/2/2017SFWood,APlaced on disabled list 6/2/2017Before
6/3/2017MiaAvilanPromoted to active roster  Before
6/3/2017MiaKontosPlaced on disabled list 5/26/2017Before
6/3/2017NYMBaez,PDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/3/2017NYMKnebelPromoted to active roster  Before
6/5/2017SFPerazaActivated from disabled list  Before
6/5/2017SFSouzaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/5/2017WasPedersonPlaced on disabled list 6/5/2017Before
6/5/2017WasWilliamsonPromoted to active roster  Before
6/6/2017PitCingraniPromoted to active roster  Before
6/6/2017PitNelsonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/7/2017ChNArrietaTraded awayNYM After
6/7/2017ChNEovaldiAcquired via tradeNYM After
6/7/2017ColFernandezTraded awaySF After
6/7/2017ColLohseAcquired via tradeSF After
6/7/2017ColSouzaAcquired via tradeSF After
6/7/2017ColStriplingAcquired via tradeSF After
6/7/2017ColThorntonAcquired via tradeSF After
6/7/2017MilJasoActivated from disabled list  Before
6/7/2017MilJasoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/7/2017MilPolanco,GPromoted to active roster  Before
6/7/2017MilTolesDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/7/2017MilCashnerAcquired via tradePit After
6/7/2017MilColon,BTraded awayPit After
6/7/2017NYMArrietaAcquired via tradeChN After
6/7/2017NYMEovaldiTraded awayChN After
6/7/2017PitCashnerTraded awayMil After
6/7/2017PitColon,BAcquired via tradeMil After
6/7/2017SFFernandezAcquired via tradeCol After
6/7/2017SFLohseTraded awayCol After
6/7/2017SFSouzaTraded awayCol After
6/7/2017SFStriplingTraded awayCol After
6/7/2017SFThorntonTraded awayCol After
6/9/2017AtlSusacReleased  Before
6/9/2017ChNRobinson,CActivated from disabled list  Before
6/9/2017ColDaytonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/9/2017ColSouzaPromoted to active roster  Before
6/9/2017ColStriplingPromoted to active roster  Before
6/9/2017MilCashnerPromoted to active roster  Before
6/9/2017PitCingraniDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/9/2017SFBettisDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/9/2017SFBettisPromoted to active roster  Before
6/9/2017SFBettisDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/9/2017SFFernandezPromoted to active roster  Before
6/9/2017SFKochPromoted to active roster  Before
6/9/2017SFSchugelPlaced on disabled list 6/10/2017Before
6/14/2017ChNCastillo,WTraded awayMia After
6/14/2017ChNIannettaAcquired via tradeMia After
6/14/2017MiaCastillo,WAcquired via tradeChN After
6/14/2017MiaIannettaTraded awayChN After
6/14/2017MilHarperActivated from disabled list  Before
6/14/2017MilPuigDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/15/2017ChNd'Arnaud,CDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/15/2017ChNde la Rosa,RDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/15/2017ChNEovaldiPromoted to active roster  Before
6/15/2017ChNKershawActivated from disabled list  Before
6/15/2017ColNunoReleased  Before
6/15/2017ColThorntonReleased  Before
6/15/2017ColWielandReleased  Before
6/15/2017PitConleyActivated from disabled list  Before
6/15/2017PitGsellmanDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/16/2017AtlBaez,JPromoted to active roster  Before
6/16/2017AtlDietrichPlaced on disabled list 6/17/2017Before
6/16/2017PitCarpenterActivated from disabled list  Before
6/16/2017PitVan SlykeDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/21/2017LAGoeddel,ETraded awayPit After
6/21/2017LAHamelsTraded awayPit After
6/21/2017LANelsonAcquired via tradePit After
6/21/2017LASanchez,AnAcquired via tradePit After
6/21/2017LAWongAcquired via tradePit After
6/21/2017MiaBarnes,BTraded awayStL After
6/21/2017MiaBraunAcquired via tradeStL After
6/21/2017MiaMorrisonTraded awayStL After
6/21/2017MiaSalasTraded awayStL After
6/21/2017PitGoeddel,EAcquired via tradeLA After
6/21/2017PitHamelsAcquired via tradeLA After
6/21/2017PitNelsonTraded awayLA After
6/21/2017PitSanchez,AnTraded awayLA After
6/21/2017PitWongTraded awayLA After
6/21/2017SFBettisPromoted to active roster  Before
6/21/2017SFGray,JPlaced on disabled list 6/18/2017Before
6/21/2017StLCole,GPromoted to active roster  Before
6/21/2017StLLatosDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/21/2017StLBarnes,BAcquired via tradeMia After
6/21/2017StLBraunTraded awayMia After
6/21/2017StLMorrisonAcquired via tradeMia After
6/21/2017StLSalasAcquired via tradeMia After
6/22/2017ChNAdlemanDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/22/2017ChNde la Rosa,RPromoted to active roster  Before
6/22/2017MiaAvilanDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/22/2017MiaKontosActivated from disabled list  Before
6/22/2017PitRosalesSigned  Before
6/22/2017StLBoxbergerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/22/2017StLMorrisonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/22/2017StLNieuwenhuisPromoted to active roster  Before
6/22/2017StLSalasPromoted to active roster  Before
6/25/2017SFDiaz,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/25/2017SFKochDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/25/2017SFSchugelActivated from disabled list  Before
6/25/2017SFWood,AActivated from disabled list  Before
6/26/2017ColParraPromoted to active roster  Before
6/26/2017ColSuzuki,KPromoted to active roster  Before
6/26/2017ColSwansonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/26/2017ColSzczurDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/27/2017PitBradley,ADemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/27/2017PitRoss,JActivated from disabled list  Before
6/28/2017AtlCervelliTraded awayLA After
6/28/2017AtlGrandalTraded awayLA After
6/28/2017AtlHanigerTraded awayLA After
6/28/2017AtlHedgesAcquired via tradeLA After
6/28/2017AtlLucroyAcquired via tradeLA After
6/28/2017AtlNerisAcquired via tradeLA After
6/28/2017ChNCahillTraded awayMia After
6/28/2017ChNMarkakisAcquired via tradeMia After
6/28/2017ChNMyersTraded awayMia After
6/28/2017LACervelliAcquired via tradeAtl After
6/28/2017LAGrandalAcquired via tradeAtl After
6/28/2017LAHanigerAcquired via tradeAtl After
6/28/2017LAHedgesTraded awayAtl After
6/28/2017LALucroyTraded awayAtl After
6/28/2017LANerisTraded awayAtl After
6/28/2017MiaCahillAcquired via tradeChN After
6/28/2017MiaMarkakisTraded awayChN After
6/28/2017MiaMyersAcquired via tradeChN After
6/29/2017AtlGearrinDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/29/2017ChNCamineroPromoted to active roster  Before
6/29/2017ChNCervenkaPromoted to active roster  Before
6/29/2017ChNde la Rosa,RDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/29/2017LACervelliPromoted to active roster  Before
6/29/2017LALoneyReleased  Before
6/29/2017LAPierzynskiDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/29/2017MiaRamos,EDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/29/2017NYMMarte,SPlaced on disabled list 6/30/2017Before
6/29/2017NYMNolaActivated from disabled list  Before
6/29/2017NYMNolaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/29/2017NYMNolaPromoted to active roster  Before
6/29/2017NYMWainwrightDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/29/2017SFBailey,ASigned  Before
6/29/2017SFCravySigned  Before
6/29/2017SFWarrenSigned  Before
6/29/2017StLLatosReleased  Before
6/29/2017StLStubbsReleased  Before
6/29/2017WasPedersonActivated from disabled list  Before
6/29/2017WasWilliamsonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/4/2017ChNAlmoraPromoted to active roster  Before
7/4/2017ChNd'Arnaud,CPromoted to active roster  Before
7/4/2017ChNPena,RDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/4/2017ChNPhamDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/4/2017StLGallardoPlaced on disabled list 7/5/2017Before
7/4/2017StLRussell,APlaced on disabled list 7/5/2017Before
7/4/2017StLSimmons,APromoted to active roster  Before
7/4/2017StLSkaggsPromoted to active roster  Before
7/5/2017StLClemensSigned  Before
7/6/2017AtlEdwardsDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/6/2017AtlLugoPromoted to active roster  Before
7/6/2017ChNByrdPromoted to active roster  Before
7/6/2017ChNMarkakisDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/6/2017ColBlanco,GPromoted to active roster  Before
7/6/2017ColCain,LPlaced on disabled list 7/3/2017Before
7/6/2017ColLa StellaPromoted to active roster  Before
7/6/2017NYMBaez,PPromoted to active roster  Before
7/6/2017NYMNolaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/6/2017SFBailey,APromoted to active roster  Before
7/6/2017SFBettisPlaced on disabled list 7/5/2017Before
7/6/2017WasDickerson,ADemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/6/2017WasWerthSigned  Before
7/6/2017WasWerthPromoted to active roster  Before
7/8/2017CinEscobar,YPlaced on disabled list 7/9/2017Before
7/8/2017CinPhillips,BPromoted to active roster  Before
7/8/2017PitCespedesPlaced on disabled list 7/9/2017Before
7/8/2017PitGomez,CPromoted to active roster  Before
7/8/2017SFBailey,ADemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/8/2017SFGray,JActivated from disabled list  Before
7/11/2017CinSchimpfAcquired via tradeLA After
7/11/2017LASchimpfTraded awayCin After
7/16/2017AtlHarrisonPlaced on disabled list 7/17/2017Before
7/16/2017AtlQuinnPromoted to active roster  Before
7/16/2017ChNAhmedPromoted to active roster  Before
7/16/2017ChNBautistaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/16/2017ChNByrdDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/16/2017ChNde la Rosa,RPromoted to active roster  Before
7/16/2017ChNEovaldiPlaced on disabled list 7/17/2017Before
7/16/2017ChNHolt,TPromoted to active roster  Before
7/16/2017CinSchimpfDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/16/2017LAArcia,OrPromoted to active roster  Before
7/16/2017NYMNolaPromoted to active roster  Before
7/16/2017NYMSolerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/16/2017WasValaikaReleased  Before
7/18/2017SFRoss,DPromoted to active roster  Before
7/18/2017SFRuiz,CPlaced on disabled list 7/18/2017Before
7/18/2017WasDickerson,APromoted to active roster  Before
7/18/2017WasJankowskiPlaced on disabled list 7/19/2017Before
7/19/2017AtlIglesias,RPlaced on disabled list 7/20/2017Before
7/19/2017AtlSocolovichPromoted to active roster  Before
7/21/2017AtlDietrichActivated from disabled list  Before
7/21/2017AtlQuinnDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/21/2017MilRuppDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/21/2017MilStewart,CPromoted to active roster  Before
7/22/2017ChNLagaresAcquired via tradeSF After
7/22/2017ChNLamboAcquired via tradeSF After
7/22/2017ChNMarkakisTraded awaySF After
7/22/2017ChNRaburnAcquired via tradeSF After
7/22/2017SFLagaresTraded awayChN After
7/22/2017SFLamboTraded awayChN After
7/22/2017SFMarkakisAcquired via tradeChN After
7/22/2017SFRaburnTraded awayChN After
7/23/2017ChNAhmedDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/23/2017ChNAlmoraDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/23/2017ChNJackson,ESigned  Before
7/23/2017ChNLagaresPromoted to active roster  Before
7/23/2017CinEscobar,YActivated from disabled list  Before
7/23/2017CinGarcia,GDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/23/2017CinLirianoReleased  Before
7/23/2017LADe La CruzSigned  Before
7/23/2017LANelsonPromoted to active roster  Before
7/23/2017LAZimmermannDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/23/2017SFBettisActivated from disabled list  Before
7/23/2017SFBettisDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/23/2017SFMarkakisPromoted to active roster  Before
7/23/2017StLBarnes,BReleased  Before
7/24/2017ChNFeliz,NDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/24/2017ChNJackson,EPromoted to active roster  Before
7/25/2017LAReaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/25/2017LATaillonPromoted to active roster  Before
7/25/2017PitGomez,CPlaced on disabled list 7/26/2017Before
7/25/2017PitMarisnickPromoted to active roster  Before
7/28/2017ChNBautistaTraded awayCol After
7/28/2017ChNByrdTraded awayCol After
7/28/2017ChNHeadleyAcquired via tradeCol After
7/28/2017ChNLohseAcquired via tradeCol After
7/28/2017ChNSzczurAcquired via tradeCol After
7/28/2017ColBautistaAcquired via tradeChN After
7/28/2017ColByrdAcquired via tradeChN After
7/28/2017ColHeadleyTraded awayChN After
7/28/2017ColLohseTraded awayChN After
7/28/2017ColSzczurTraded awayChN After
7/28/2017MilTorres,CTraded awayWas After
7/28/2017WasTorres,CAcquired via tradeMil After
7/29/2017ChNAhmedPromoted to active roster  Before
7/29/2017ChNd'Arnaud,CDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/29/2017ChNEstevezPromoted to active roster  Before
7/29/2017ChNNicasioDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/29/2017ChNPena,RReleased  Before
7/29/2017ChNRobinson,CDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/29/2017ChNSmith,MDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/29/2017ChNSzczurPromoted to active roster  Before
7/29/2017CinDavis,RDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/29/2017CinOwingsPromoted to active roster  Before
7/29/2017ColBautistaPromoted to active roster  Before
7/29/2017ColByrdPromoted to active roster  Before
7/29/2017ColHerrmann,CDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/29/2017MiaBlevinsSigned  Before
7/29/2017MilBlevinsReleased  Before
7/29/2017MilBlevinsSigned  Before
7/29/2017MilHernandez,DSigned  Before
7/29/2017NYMCishekDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/29/2017NYMMarte,SActivated from disabled list  Before
7/29/2017WasRoblesDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/30/2017ColCain,LActivated from disabled list  Before
7/30/2017ColSouzaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/30/2017NYMBellPromoted to active roster  Before
7/30/2017NYMMarte,SPlaced on disabled list 7/31/2017Before
8/1/2017SFDiaz,JPromoted to active roster  Before
8/1/2017SFStrasburgPlaced on disabled list 8/2/2017Before
8/2/2017ColCasillaPlaced on disabled list 8/3/2017Before
8/2/2017ColKahnlePromoted to active roster  Before
8/3/2017ChNDavis,RAcquired via tradeCin After
8/3/2017ChNGarcia,GAcquired via tradeCin After
8/3/2017ChNNicasioTraded awayCin After
8/3/2017ChNO'BrienAcquired via tradeSF After
8/3/2017CinDavis,RTraded awayChN After
8/3/2017CinDruryTraded awayLA After
8/3/2017CinGarcia,GTraded awayChN After
8/3/2017CinHudsonAcquired via tradeLA After
8/3/2017CinMercerTraded awayLA After
8/3/2017CinNicasioAcquired via tradeChN After
8/3/2017CinRenfroeAcquired via tradeLA After
8/3/2017ColGosselinAcquired via tradeLA After
8/3/2017ColGrandersonTraded awayLA After
8/3/2017ColHandTraded awaySF After
8/3/2017ColKelly,JTraded awayLA After
8/3/2017ColKoehlerTraded awayLA After
8/3/2017ColPradoAcquired via tradeLA After
8/3/2017ColSanchez,HAcquired via tradeSF After
8/3/2017ColTulowitzkiAcquired via tradeLA After
8/3/2017LADruryAcquired via tradeCin After
8/3/2017LAGosselinTraded awayCol After
8/3/2017LAGrandersonAcquired via tradeCol After
8/3/2017LAHudsonTraded awayCin After
8/3/2017LAKelly,JAcquired via tradeCol After
8/3/2017LAKoehlerAcquired via tradeCol After
8/3/2017LAMercerAcquired via tradeCin After
8/3/2017LAPradoTraded awayCol After
8/3/2017LARenfroeTraded awayCin After
8/3/2017LATulowitzkiTraded awayCol After
8/3/2017MilHernandez,DSigned  Before
8/3/2017SFHandAcquired via tradeCol After
8/3/2017SFO'BrienTraded awayChN After
8/3/2017SFSanchez,HTraded awayCol After
8/3/2017StLChenDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/3/2017StLClemensPromoted to active roster  Before
8/3/2017StLHooverActivated from disabled list  Before
8/3/2017StLSalasDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/3/2017StLPattersonAcquired via tradeWas After
8/3/2017StLSalasTraded awayWas After
8/3/2017WasPattersonTraded awayStL After
8/3/2017WasSalasAcquired via tradeStL After
8/5/2017AtlIglesias,RActivated from disabled list  Before
8/5/2017AtlStropDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/5/2017ChNAhmedDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/5/2017ChNCoghlanDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/5/2017ChNDavis,RPromoted to active roster  Before
8/5/2017ChNFeliz,NReleased  Before
8/5/2017ChNGarcia,GPromoted to active roster  Before
8/5/2017CinHudsonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/5/2017CinKazmirSigned  Before
8/5/2017CinParker,JPromoted to active roster  Before
8/5/2017ColBlanco,GDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/5/2017ColLoganSigned  Before
8/5/2017ColLoganPromoted to active roster  Before
8/5/2017LAKelly,JPromoted to active roster  Before
8/5/2017LAMercerPromoted to active roster  Before
8/5/2017LASpanDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/5/2017MiaBlevinsPromoted to active roster  Before
8/5/2017MiaCollmenterPromoted to active roster  Before
8/5/2017MiaCuetoPlaced on disabled list 8/4/2017Before
8/5/2017MiaShaw,BDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/5/2017MilGrichukPromoted to active roster  Before
8/5/2017MilHarperPlaced on disabled list 8/6/2017Before
8/5/2017MilKazmirReleased  Before
8/5/2017MilKazmirSigned  Before
8/5/2017WasDickerson,ADemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/5/2017WasHernandez,OReleased  Before
8/5/2017WasJankowskiActivated from disabled list  Before
8/5/2017WasJankowskiDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/5/2017WasKendrickSigned  Before
8/5/2017WasKendrickPromoted to active roster  Before
8/5/2017WasRiveroDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/5/2017WasSalasPromoted to active roster  Before
8/7/2017NYMBroxton,KDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/7/2017NYMSolerPromoted to active roster  Before
8/8/2017ChNde la Rosa,RDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/8/2017ChNLockePromoted to active roster  Before
8/8/2017LADe La CruzPromoted to active roster  Before
8/8/2017LASuarez,ADemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/8/2017NYMHernandez,EPromoted to active roster  Before
8/8/2017NYMWalker,NDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/8/2017PitCespedesActivated from disabled list  Before
8/8/2017PitMarisnickDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/8/2017SFBettisPromoted to active roster  Before
8/8/2017SFDiaz,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/9/2017LAHeywardPlaced on disabled list 8/10/2017Before
8/9/2017LASpanPromoted to active roster  Before
8/9/2017MilDifoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/9/2017MilJasoPromoted to active roster  Before
8/10/2017PitGomez,CActivated from disabled list  Before
8/10/2017PitGomez,CDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/11/2017ChNAdlemanReleased  Before
8/11/2017ChNLylesSigned  Before
8/11/2017ChNO'BrienReleased  Before
8/11/2017LADe La CruzPlaced on disabled list 8/11/2017Before
8/11/2017LAEllingtonPromoted to active roster  Before
8/11/2017MiaFrancoeurPromoted to active roster  Before
8/11/2017MiaSuzuki,IPlaced on disabled list 11/8/2017Before
8/11/2017MilLeakePlaced on disabled list 8/8/2017Before
8/11/2017MilWislerPromoted to active roster  Before
8/11/2017PitLylesReleased  Before
8/11/2017SFRoss,DDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/11/2017SFRuiz,CActivated from disabled list  Before
8/11/2017SFSantana,DoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/11/2017WasWilliamsonReleased  Before
8/12/2017CinGuerra,JuDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/12/2017CinHudsonPromoted to active roster  Before
8/12/2017StLRussell,AActivated from disabled list  Before
8/12/2017StLSimmons,APlaced on disabled list 8/13/2017Before
8/16/2017CinKazmirPromoted to active roster  Before
8/16/2017CinOttavinoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/18/2017ChNCoghlanReleased  Before
8/18/2017MilSuarez,EPromoted to active roster  Before
8/18/2017MilTomlinsonPlaced on disabled list 8/19/2017Before
8/19/2017MiaCollmenterDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/19/2017MiaCuetoActivated from disabled list  Before
8/20/2017MilFlores,WDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/20/2017MilRuppPromoted to active roster  Before
8/22/2017CinCozartPromoted to active roster  Before
8/22/2017CinMartinez,JDPlaced on disabled list 8/23/2017Before
8/22/2017CinOwingsPlaced on disabled list 8/23/2017Before
8/22/2017CinSchimpfPromoted to active roster  Before
8/22/2017NYMBellDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/22/2017NYMMarte,SActivated from disabled list  Before
8/22/2017SFBettisDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/22/2017SFStrasburgActivated from disabled list  Before
8/22/2017WasFriedrichDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/22/2017WasUriasPromoted to active roster  Before
8/23/2017StLBoxbergerPromoted to active roster  Before
8/23/2017StLChenPromoted to active roster  Before
8/23/2017StLGallardoActivated from disabled list  Before
8/23/2017StLJimenezDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/23/2017StLReyes,ADemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/23/2017StLSkaggsDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/23/2017WasLyonsDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/23/2017WasRiveroPromoted to active roster  Before
8/24/2017ChNd'Arnaud,CPromoted to active roster  Before
8/24/2017ChNKangPlaced on disabled list 8/25/2017Before
8/24/2017LANicolinoPromoted to active roster  Before
8/24/2017LAWittgrenDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/24/2017MilGrichukDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/24/2017MilHarperActivated from disabled list  Before
8/24/2017MilLeakeActivated from disabled list  Before
8/24/2017MilWislerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/24/2017NYMCishekPromoted to active roster  Before
8/24/2017NYMWithrowDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/24/2017PitCingraniPromoted to active roster  Before
8/24/2017PitGrimmDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/26/2017ChNEovaldiActivated from disabled list  Before
8/26/2017ChNMatzDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/28/2017CinLawDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/28/2017CinNicasioPromoted to active roster  Before
8/29/2017LACervelliDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/29/2017LAPierzynskiPromoted to active roster  Before
8/29/2017StLChenDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/29/2017StLCole,APromoted to active roster  Before
8/29/2017StLDiaz,ADemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/29/2017StLSimmons,AActivated from disabled list  Before
8/31/2017AtlDespaignePromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017AtlEdwardsPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017AtlGantPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017AtlGearrinPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017AtlGlasnowPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017AtlHarrisonActivated from disabled list  Before
8/31/2017AtlHarveyPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017AtlQuinnPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017AtlStropPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017AtlZastryznyPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017ChNAhmedPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017ChNAlmoraPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017ChNBlairPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017ChNCabrera,RPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017ChNde la Rosa,RDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/31/2017ChNde la Rosa,RPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017ChNDe LeonPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017ChNHatcherDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/31/2017ChNLylesPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017ChNRobinson,CPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017ChNSmith,MPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017ChNVizcainoPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017CinBlachPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017CinDeSclafaniPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017CinFiersPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017CinForsythePromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017CinLopez,RePromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017CinPeralta,WiPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017CinRivera,RPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017ColAlbers,MPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017ColAsherPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017ColBlanco,GPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017ColCasillaActivated from disabled list  Before
8/31/2017ColDaytonPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017ColFrazier,APromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017ColHahnPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017ColHerrmann,CPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017ColJeffressDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/31/2017ColMcGowanDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/31/2017ColNimmoPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017ColSanchez,HPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017ColSouzaPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017ColStreetPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017ColVerrettPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017LAAdamesPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017LAAltherrPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017LADe La CruzActivated from disabled list  Before
8/31/2017LAHanigerPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017LAHeywardActivated from disabled list  Before
8/31/2017LAPaulsenPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017LAPencePlaced on disabled list 8/30/2017Before
8/31/2017LAPeralta,DPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017LATaylor,CPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017LAThompson,JPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017LAThompson,TPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017MiaAnderson,TyPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017MiaAvilanPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017MiaBarrettPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017MiaCollmenterPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017MiaConfortoPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017MiaGloverPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017MiaHembreePromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017MiaKelly,CarDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/31/2017MiaKelly,CarPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017MiaPlaweckiPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017MiaRamos,EPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017MiaShaw,BPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017MiaSpangenbergPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017MiaSuzuki,IActivated from disabled list  Before
8/31/2017MilAnderson,ChPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017MilDifoPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017MilFlores,WPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017MilGrichukPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017MilKuhlPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017MilMurphy,TPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017MilPuigPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017MilReed,CPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017MilStephensonPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017MilTolesPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017MilWislerPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017NYMBellPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017NYMBritoPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017NYMCastro,DPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017NYMEflinPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017NYMGosewischPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017NYMKrolPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017NYMUrenaPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017NYMWainwrightPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017PitBradley,APromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017PitGiolitoPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017PitGoeddel,EPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017PitGomez,CPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017PitGrimmPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017PitGsellmanPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017PitHoffmanPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017PitMarisnickPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017PitMesoracoPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017PitMontero,MPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017PitVan SlykePromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017PitWeaver,LPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017SFAdams,MPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017SFBailey,APromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017SFBettisPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017SFCravyPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017SFDiaz,JPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017SFKochPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017SFLamb,JoPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017SFMarquezPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017SFRoss,DPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017SFSantana,DoPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017SFWarrenPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017StLBourjosSigned  Before
8/31/2017StLBourjosPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017StLBoxbergerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/31/2017StLBoxbergerPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017StLBraultPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017StLDiaz,APromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017StLHendersonSigned  Before
8/31/2017StLHendersonPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017StLLobatonPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017StLMorrisonPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017StLMortonPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017StLNieuwenhuisDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/31/2017StLNieuwenhuisPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017StLPollockPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017StLSkaggsPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017StLTapiaPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017StLWhalenPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017WasAschePromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017WasBailey,HPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017WasBrownPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017WasBurgosPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017WasDickerson,APromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017WasJankowskiPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017WasMiller,SPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017WasQuackenbushPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017WasRoblesPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017WasRosenthalPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017WasShipleyPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2017WasWebb,RPromoted to active roster  Before
9/1/2017ColVelasquezDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/5/2017ChNRondon,HDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/6/2017ChNNorris,BSigned  Before
9/6/2017ColHerrmann,CDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/6/2017MilDifoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/6/2017SFWood,ADemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/6/2017StLChenReleased  Before
9/6/2017StLJimenezReleased  Before
9/7/2017CinMartinez,JDActivated from disabled list  Before
9/10/2017ChNRaburnDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/10/2017ChNSzczurDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/10/2017StLGordon,DDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/11/2017CinKelleyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/11/2017CinRusinDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/11/2017LAChatwoodDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/11/2017PitRoss,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/11/2017WasSolisDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/13/2017ChNHatcherReleased  Before
9/13/2017ChNMossSigned  Before
9/13/2017PitGillaspieSigned  Before
9/18/2017NYMKnebelDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/19/2017AtlSocolovichDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/19/2017ChNRaburnReleased  Before
9/19/2017MilDickeyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/19/2017MilGonzalez,GDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/19/2017MilHammelDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/19/2017StLMontero,RPromoted to active roster  Before
9/19/2017StLSkaggsDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/23/2017CinKeuchelDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/23/2017CinKimbrelDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/24/2017AtlEdwardsDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/24/2017AtlIglesias,RDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/24/2017AtlMelanconDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/24/2017AtlReed,AdDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/24/2017CinMaedaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/26/2017ColMorganSigned  Before