League transaction log -- LMBQ2018
Regular season

3/31/2018MiaConfortoPromoted to active roster  Before
3/31/2018MiaHembreeDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/1/2018MiaPlaweckiPromoted to active roster  Before
4/1/2018WasTorres,JPromoted to active roster  Before
4/3/2018ChNBradfordDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/3/2018ChNDavis,RaPromoted to active roster  Before
4/3/2018ChNLeBlancPromoted to active roster  Before
4/3/2018ChNSmith,MDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/4/2018NYMArroyo,CTraded awayStL After
4/4/2018NYMHernandez,ETraded awayStL After
4/4/2018NYMMontero,RAcquired via tradeStL After
4/4/2018NYMNieuwenhuisAcquired via tradeStL After
4/4/2018NYMShaw,TAcquired via tradeStL After
4/4/2018StLArroyo,CAcquired via tradeNYM After
4/4/2018StLHernandez,EAcquired via tradeNYM After
4/4/2018StLMontero,RTraded awayNYM After
4/4/2018StLNieuwenhuisTraded awayNYM After
4/4/2018StLShaw,TTraded awayNYM After
4/5/2018MiaCastillo,WPlaced on disabled list 4/2/2018Before
4/5/2018WasRobles,HPlaced on disabled list 4/1/2018Before
4/6/2018CinMartinez,JDPlaced on disabled list 4/7/2018Before
4/6/2018CinRenfroePromoted to active roster  Before
4/8/2018ColBautista,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/8/2018ColSchugelPromoted to active roster  Before
4/8/2018SFHatcherPlaced on disabled list 4/9/2018Before
4/8/2018SFMcGowan,DPromoted to active roster  Before
4/12/2018ChNDavis,RaPlaced on disabled list 4/11/2018Before
4/12/2018ChNGrandersonPromoted to active roster  Before
4/12/2018NYMNieuwenhuisReleased  Before
4/13/2018LAChatwoodPlaced on disabled list 4/14/2018Before
4/13/2018LASenzatelaPromoted to active roster  Before
4/13/2018NYMDuvallPromoted to active roster  Before
4/13/2018NYMScheblerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/19/2018MiaCastillo,WActivated from disabled list  Before
4/19/2018MiaChafinDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/19/2018MiaMyersPromoted to active roster  Before
4/19/2018MiaPlaweckiDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/19/2018PitOsuna,JSigned  Before
4/20/2018MiaHechavarriaPlaced on disabled list 4/21/2018Before
4/20/2018MiaRiddlePromoted to active roster  Before
4/21/2018ChNBradfordPromoted to active roster  Before
4/21/2018ChNHeadleyPlaced on disabled list 4/22/2018Before
4/23/2018ChNCastro,JPlaced on disabled list 4/24/2018Before
4/23/2018ChNDiaz,ElPromoted to active roster  Before
4/25/2018CinVillarPlaced on disabled list 4/26/2018Before
4/25/2018LAForsythePlaced on disabled list 4/24/2018Before
4/25/2018LAPencePromoted to active roster  Before
4/26/2018AtlHarveyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/26/2018AtlLivelyPromoted to active roster  Before
4/26/2018CinBlanco,GSigned  Before
4/26/2018CinBlanco,GPromoted to active roster  Before
4/26/2018PitAdams,LDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/26/2018PitConleyReleased  Before
4/26/2018PitOsuna,JPromoted to active roster  Before
4/27/2018ChNKennedyPlaced on disabled list 4/27/2018Before
4/27/2018ChNWoodruffPromoted to active roster  Before
4/27/2018NYMBroxton,KPromoted to active roster  Before
4/27/2018NYMCrawford,BPlaced on disabled list 4/28/2018Before
4/28/2018SFHatcherActivated from disabled list  Before
4/28/2018SFLorenzenDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/28/2018SFPeterson,JPromoted to active roster  Before
4/28/2018SFTurner,JuPlaced on disabled list 4/29/2018Before
4/28/2018StLCole,APromoted to active roster  Before
4/28/2018StLHooverDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/2/2018SFFamiliaTraded awayWas After
5/2/2018SFGregoriusAcquired via tradeWas After
5/2/2018SFLyonsAcquired via tradeWas After
5/2/2018SFPetersTraded awayWas After
5/2/2018SFSogardTraded awayWas After
5/2/2018WasFamiliaAcquired via tradeSF After
5/2/2018WasGregoriusTraded awaySF After
5/2/2018WasLyonsTraded awaySF After
5/2/2018WasPetersAcquired via tradeSF After
5/2/2018WasSogardAcquired via tradeSF After
5/4/2018CinMartinez,JDActivated from disabled list  Before
5/4/2018CinPeralta,WiReleased  Before
5/4/2018CinRenfroeDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/4/2018NYMBandaPromoted to active roster  Before
5/4/2018NYMUrena,JPlaced on disabled list 5/5/2018Before
5/4/2018SFLorenzenPromoted to active roster  Before
5/4/2018SFLyonsDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/4/2018SFMcGowan,DDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/4/2018WasFamiliaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/4/2018WasFamiliaPromoted to active roster  Before
5/4/2018WasRobles,HActivated from disabled list  Before
5/7/2018ChNGrandersonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/7/2018ChNHeadleyActivated from disabled list  Before
5/7/2018MilEatonPlaced on disabled list 5/8/2018Before
5/7/2018MilTolesPromoted to active roster  Before
5/9/2018AtlArenadoAcquired via tradeMia After
5/9/2018AtlDesmondTraded awayMia After
5/9/2018ChNFiersAcquired via tradeCin After
5/9/2018ChNGalvisTraded awayCin After
5/9/2018ChNOwingsAcquired via tradeCin After
5/9/2018ChNPhillips,BreTraded awayCin After
5/9/2018CinFiersTraded awayChN After
5/9/2018CinGalvisAcquired via tradeChN After
5/9/2018CinOwingsTraded awayChN After
5/9/2018CinPhillips,BreAcquired via tradeChN After
5/9/2018MiaArenadoTraded awayAtl After
5/9/2018MiaDesmondAcquired via tradeAtl After
5/9/2018StLHooverTraded awayWas After
5/9/2018StLRobles,HAcquired via tradeWas After
5/9/2018WasButlerPromoted to active roster  Before
5/9/2018WasScherzerPlaced on disabled list 9/5/2018Before
5/9/2018WasHooverAcquired via tradeStL After
5/9/2018WasRobles,HTraded awayStL After
5/10/2018AtlSlaterSigned  Before
5/10/2018ChNCastro,JActivated from disabled list  Before
5/10/2018ChNDiaz,ElDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/10/2018ChNOwingsPromoted to active roster  Before
5/10/2018CinFreeseDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/10/2018CinGalvisDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/10/2018CinHudsonPromoted to active roster  Before
5/10/2018MilKuhlDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/10/2018MilKuhlPromoted to active roster  Before
5/10/2018MilLeakePlaced on disabled list 9/5/2018Before
5/10/2018MilNewcombPromoted to active roster  Before
5/10/2018NYMNolaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/10/2018NYMNolaPromoted to active roster  Before
5/10/2018NYMWainwrightDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/10/2018NYMWainwrightPromoted to active roster  Before
5/10/2018PitAdams,LPromoted to active roster  Before
5/10/2018PitMarisnickPlaced on disabled list 5/9/2018Before
5/10/2018StLZieglerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/10/2018WasBethancourtReleased  Before
5/10/2018WasHooverPromoted to active roster  Before
5/14/2018SFPeterson,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/14/2018SFTurner,JuActivated from disabled list  Before
5/16/2018LABourAcquired via tradeWas After
5/16/2018SFLyonsTraded awayStL After
5/16/2018StLLyonsAcquired via tradeSF After
5/16/2018WasBourTraded awayLA After
5/17/2018AtlSocolovichReleased  Before
5/17/2018ChNDavis,RaActivated from disabled list  Before
5/17/2018ChNKennedyActivated from disabled list  Before
5/17/2018ChNVizcainoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/17/2018ChNWoodruffDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/17/2018LAChatwoodActivated from disabled list  Before
5/17/2018LAChatwoodDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/17/2018LACrickPromoted to active roster  Before
5/17/2018LADruryDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/17/2018LAForsytheActivated from disabled list  Before
5/17/2018LAKoehlerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/17/2018LAPenceDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/17/2018LAPerdomoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/17/2018LAPerdomoPromoted to active roster  Before
5/17/2018NYMBroxton,KDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/17/2018NYMCrawford,BActivated from disabled list  Before
5/17/2018PitHaderPromoted to active roster  Before
5/17/2018PitHoffmanDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/17/2018StLBraultDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/17/2018StLLyonsPromoted to active roster  Before
5/17/2018WasJankowski,TPromoted to active roster  Before
5/19/2018ChNBradfordDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/19/2018ChNFiersPromoted to active roster  Before
5/19/2018CinGalvisPromoted to active roster  Before
5/19/2018CinNunez,EPlaced on disabled list 5/20/2018Before
5/19/2018SFLorenzenDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/19/2018SFMcGowan,DPromoted to active roster  Before
5/20/2018NYMBandaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/20/2018NYMUrena,JActivated from disabled list  Before
5/21/2018ChNBradfordPromoted to active roster  Before
5/21/2018ChNOwingsPlaced on disabled list 5/22/2018Before
5/21/2018PitGiolitoPromoted to active roster  Before
5/21/2018PitHamelsPlaced on disabled list 5/18/2018Before
5/22/2018ChNBastardoAcquired via tradeStL After
5/22/2018ChNLagaresTraded awayStL After
5/22/2018ChNRussellAcquired via tradeStL After
5/22/2018ChNVizcainoTraded awayStL After
5/22/2018StLBastardoTraded awayChN After
5/22/2018StLLagaresAcquired via tradeChN After
5/22/2018StLRussellTraded awayChN After
5/22/2018StLVizcainoAcquired via tradeChN After
5/24/2018ChNMontgomery,MDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/24/2018ColSchugelDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/24/2018ColVolquezSigned  Before
5/24/2018ColVolquezPromoted to active roster  Before
5/24/2018LAAdamesReleased  Before
5/24/2018MilCastro,StPlaced on disabled list 5/23/2018Before
5/24/2018MilStephensonPromoted to active roster  Before
5/24/2018StLVizcainoPromoted to active roster  Before
5/25/2018NYMKendrick,HPlaced on disabled list 5/26/2018Before
5/25/2018NYMScheblerPromoted to active roster  Before
5/26/2018StLCole,ADemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/26/2018StLLagaresPromoted to active roster  Before
5/28/2018ChNBradfordDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/28/2018ChNHughes,JPromoted to active roster  Before
5/29/2018ChNFiersTraded awayCol After
5/29/2018ChNHahnAcquired via tradeCol After
5/29/2018ChNLa StellaAcquired via tradeCol After
5/29/2018ChNSchugelAcquired via tradeCol After
5/29/2018ChNSmith,MTraded awayCol After
5/29/2018ColFiersAcquired via tradeChN After
5/29/2018ColHahnTraded awayChN After
5/29/2018ColLa StellaTraded awayChN After
5/29/2018ColSchugelTraded awayChN After
5/29/2018ColSmith,MAcquired via tradeChN After
5/29/2018MilEatonActivated from disabled list  Before
5/29/2018MilLeakeActivated from disabled list  Before
5/29/2018MilNewcombDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/29/2018MilTolesDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/30/2018ChNHahnPromoted to active roster  Before
5/30/2018CinBlanco,GDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/30/2018CinVillarActivated from disabled list  Before
5/30/2018ColDiaz,JuReleased  Before
5/30/2018LADruryPromoted to active roster  Before
5/30/2018LAWongPlaced on disabled list 5/31/2018Before
5/30/2018MilKuhlPromoted to active roster  Before
5/30/2018MilLeakePlaced on disabled list 5/31/2018Before
6/2/2018ChNBradfordPromoted to active roster  Before
6/2/2018ChNDavis,RaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/4/2018ChNGomez,CAcquired via tradePit After
6/4/2018ChNGrandersonTraded awayPit After
6/4/2018PitGomez,CTraded awayChN After
6/4/2018PitGrandersonAcquired via tradeChN After
6/4/2018SFCastillo,LPromoted to active roster  Before
6/4/2018SFLorenzenPromoted to active roster  Before
6/4/2018SFMcGowan,DDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/4/2018SFWood,APlaced on disabled list 6/3/2018Before
6/6/2018ChNAhmedDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/6/2018ChNBarbatoReleased  Before
6/6/2018CinGalvisDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/6/2018CinNunez,EActivated from disabled list  Before
6/6/2018ColRayPlaced on disabled list 6/4/2018Before
6/6/2018PitAdams,LPlaced on disabled list 6/3/2018Before
6/6/2018PitDudaSigned  Before
6/6/2018PitGrandersonPromoted to active roster  Before
6/6/2018PitGrimmDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/6/2018PitMarisnickActivated from disabled list  Before
6/8/2018NYMRoarkPlaced on disabled list 6/9/2018Before
6/8/2018NYMWainwrightPromoted to active roster  Before
6/8/2018StLBoxbergerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/8/2018StLPollockPlaced on disabled list 6/9/2018Before
6/8/2018StLTapiaPromoted to active roster  Before
6/8/2018StLZieglerPromoted to active roster  Before
6/11/2018NYMEflinTraded awayWas After
6/11/2018NYMKrolTraded awayWas After
6/11/2018NYMRiveroAcquired via tradeWas After
6/11/2018NYMScherzerAcquired via tradeWas After
6/11/2018WasBumgarnerPlaced on disabled list 11/6/2018Before
6/11/2018WasLeiterPromoted to active roster  Before
6/11/2018WasEflinAcquired via tradeNYM After
6/11/2018WasKrolAcquired via tradeNYM After
6/11/2018WasRiveroTraded awayNYM After
6/11/2018WasScherzerTraded awayNYM After
6/12/2018MiaHechavarriaActivated from disabled list  Before
6/12/2018MiaRiddleDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/12/2018NYMScherzerActivated from disabled list  Before
6/12/2018NYMStricklandDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/12/2018NYMWainwrightDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/12/2018StLSkaggsPromoted to active roster  Before
6/12/2018StLTapiaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/12/2018WasKrolPromoted to active roster  Before
6/12/2018WasSimsDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/12/2018WasSimsPromoted to active roster  Before
6/13/2018ChNAhmedPromoted to active roster  Before
6/13/2018ChNBradfordDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/17/2018LADruryDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/17/2018LADruryPromoted to active roster  Before
6/17/2018LAForsytheDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/17/2018LAWongActivated from disabled list  Before
6/17/2018PitGiolitoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/17/2018PitHamelsActivated from disabled list  Before
6/18/2018MiaCastillo,WPlaced on disabled list 6/18/2018Before
6/18/2018MiaPlaweckiPromoted to active roster  Before
6/18/2018MilCastro,StActivated from disabled list  Before
6/18/2018MilDifoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/18/2018MilKuhlDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/18/2018MilLeakeActivated from disabled list  Before
6/18/2018PitGrimmReleased  Before
6/20/2018AtlMelanconPlaced on disabled list 6/21/2018Before
6/20/2018AtlTuivailalaPromoted to active roster  Before
6/20/2018MiaCastro,MPlaced on disabled list 6/21/2018Before
6/20/2018MiaRomeroPromoted to active roster  Before
6/21/2018ChNLametPlaced on disabled list 6/22/2018Before
6/21/2018ChNMontgomery,MPromoted to active roster  Before
6/21/2018CinHerrera,OPlaced on disabled list 6/22/2018Before
6/21/2018CinPhillips,BrePromoted to active roster  Before
6/21/2018MilEatonPlaced on disabled list 6/22/2018Before
6/21/2018MilMarte,KPromoted to active roster  Before
6/22/2018CinBlanco,GPromoted to active roster  Before
6/22/2018CinPhillips,BrePlaced on disabled list 6/23/2018Before
6/22/2018MilCashnerPlaced on disabled list 6/23/2018Before
6/22/2018MilKuhlPromoted to active roster  Before
6/24/2018NYMKnebelDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/24/2018NYMRoarkActivated from disabled list  Before
6/25/2018NYMKnebelPromoted to active roster  Before
6/25/2018NYMNolaPlaced on disabled list 6/26/2018Before
6/26/2018ColLesterPlaced on disabled list 6/22/2018Before
6/26/2018ColVelasquezPromoted to active roster  Before
6/26/2018MiaHendricksPlaced on disabled list 6/26/2018Before
6/26/2018MiaRomanoPromoted to active roster  Before
6/26/2018NYMKendrick,HActivated from disabled list  Before
6/26/2018NYMScheblerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/26/2018PitGsellmanPlaced on disabled list 6/23/2018Before
6/26/2018PitHoffmanPromoted to active roster  Before
6/26/2018WasRosenthalDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/26/2018WasTreinenPromoted to active roster  Before
6/27/2018AtlLugoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/27/2018AtlMahlePromoted to active roster  Before
6/27/2018NYMBroxton,KPromoted to active roster  Before
6/27/2018NYMCabrera,APlaced on disabled list 6/28/2018Before
6/29/2018SFCastillo,LDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/29/2018SFWood,AActivated from disabled list  Before
6/30/2018StLCole,APromoted to active roster  Before
6/30/2018StLSkaggsPlaced on disabled list 7/1/2018Before
6/30/2018WasBailey,HDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/30/2018WasBumgarnerActivated from disabled list  Before
6/30/2018WasMathisPromoted to active roster  Before
6/30/2018WasTurner,TPlaced on disabled list 7/1/2018Before
7/2/2018PitRamos,ADemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/2/2018PitSteckenriderPromoted to active roster  Before
7/3/2018AtlMahleDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/3/2018AtlSyndergaardPromoted to active roster  Before
7/3/2018ChNAhmedDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/3/2018ChNOwingsActivated from disabled list  Before
7/3/2018MiaCastillo,WActivated from disabled list  Before
7/3/2018MiaPlaweckiDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/3/2018WasBailey,HPromoted to active roster  Before
7/3/2018WasButlerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/4/2018ColCorbinDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/4/2018ColRayActivated from disabled list  Before
7/5/2018NYMCishekDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/5/2018NYMStricklandPromoted to active roster  Before
7/7/2018AtlFlowersPlaced on disabled list 7/8/2018Before
7/7/2018AtlHedgesPromoted to active roster  Before
7/7/2018MilKuhlPlaced on disabled list 7/4/2018Before
7/7/2018MilNewcombPromoted to active roster  Before
7/7/2018NYMBuchterDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/7/2018NYMCishekPromoted to active roster  Before
7/7/2018SFNavaPromoted to active roster  Before
7/7/2018SFTurner,JuPlaced on disabled list 7/8/2018Before
7/8/2018StLBoxbergerPromoted to active roster  Before
7/8/2018StLCole,ADemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/9/2018CinPhillips,BreActivated from disabled list  Before
7/9/2018CinVillarPlaced on disabled list 7/9/2018Before
7/9/2018SFNavaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/9/2018SFSanchez,AdSigned  Before
7/10/2018ChNKennedyPlaced on disabled list 7/11/2018Before
7/10/2018ChNWoodruffPromoted to active roster  Before
7/10/2018NYMBroxton,KDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/10/2018NYMNolaActivated from disabled list  Before
7/12/2018NYMCabrera,AActivated from disabled list  Before
7/12/2018NYMUrena,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/13/2018MiaCastro,MActivated from disabled list  Before
7/13/2018MiaRamos,EDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/13/2018StLCaratiniPromoted to active roster  Before
7/13/2018StLWietersPlaced on disabled list 7/14/2018Before
7/15/2018ChNBastardoTraded awayMia After
7/15/2018ChNBradfordTraded awayMia After
7/15/2018ChNDesmondAcquired via tradeMia After
7/15/2018ChNHembreeAcquired via tradeMia After
7/15/2018MiaBastardoAcquired via tradeChN After
7/15/2018MiaBradfordAcquired via tradeChN After
7/15/2018MiaDesmondTraded awayChN After
7/15/2018MiaHembreeTraded awayChN After
7/15/2018NYMCishekDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/15/2018NYMUrena,JPromoted to active roster  Before
7/20/2018ChNDesmondDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/20/2018CinBlanco,GDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/20/2018CinHerrera,OActivated from disabled list  Before
7/20/2018CinLopez,RePromoted to active roster  Before
7/20/2018CinMaedaPlaced on disabled list 7/13/2018Before
7/20/2018MiaRamos,EPromoted to active roster  Before
7/20/2018SFKivlehanReleased  Before
7/20/2018StLPollockActivated from disabled list  Before
7/20/2018StLRevereDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/20/2018WasJankowski,TDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/20/2018WasTurner,TActivated from disabled list  Before
7/21/2018AtlFreeman,FPlaced on disabled list 7/22/2018Before
7/21/2018AtlMelanconActivated from disabled list  Before
7/21/2018AtlSlaterPromoted to active roster  Before
7/21/2018AtlTuivailalaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/21/2018StLNovaPlaced on disabled list 7/22/2018Before
7/21/2018StLSkaggsActivated from disabled list  Before
7/22/2018MiaHendricksActivated from disabled list  Before
7/22/2018MiaRomanoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/23/2018NYMBuchterPromoted to active roster  Before
7/23/2018NYMCrawford,BPlaced on disabled list 7/24/2018Before
7/23/2018PitGsellmanActivated from disabled list  Before
7/23/2018PitWeaver,LPlaced on disabled list 7/21/2018Before
7/23/2018StLBoxbergerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/23/2018StLReverePromoted to active roster  Before
7/24/2018CinMartinez,JDPlaced on disabled list 7/25/2018Before
7/24/2018CinVillarActivated from disabled list  Before
7/25/2018LABraunAcquired via tradeMia After
7/25/2018MiaBraunTraded awayLA After
7/26/2018ChNLametActivated from disabled list  Before
7/26/2018ChNWoodruffDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/26/2018MilCashnerActivated from disabled list  Before
7/26/2018MilNewcombDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/26/2018StLNeverauskasSigned  Before
7/26/2018StLNeverauskasPromoted to active roster  Before
7/26/2018StLRevereDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/27/2018ChNAlmoraDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/27/2018ChNSchugelPromoted to active roster  Before
7/28/2018ChNHahnDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/28/2018ChNKennedyActivated from disabled list  Before
7/28/2018PitHill,RPlaced on disabled list 7/29/2018Before
7/28/2018PitWheeler,ZPromoted to active roster  Before
7/28/2018StLCaratiniDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/28/2018StLWietersActivated from disabled list  Before
7/29/2018WasJankowski,TPromoted to active roster  Before
7/29/2018WasTurner,TPlaced on disabled list 7/30/2018Before
7/31/2018AtlAdams,LAcquired via tradePit After
7/31/2018AtlBeltTraded awayPit After
7/31/2018AtlHamelsAcquired via tradePit After
7/31/2018AtlHarveyTraded awayPit After
7/31/2018ChNAhmedTraded awayPit After
7/31/2018ChNDavis,RaTraded awayPit After
7/31/2018ChNHill,RAcquired via tradePit After
7/31/2018ChNMatzTraded awayPit After
7/31/2018CinHarrisonTraded awayCol After
7/31/2018CinKarnsAcquired via tradeCol After
7/31/2018CinLopez,ReTraded awayCol After
7/31/2018CinPirelaTraded awayCol After
7/31/2018CinRayAcquired via tradeCol After
7/31/2018CinSolarteAcquired via tradeCol After
7/31/2018ColAlbers,MTraded awayNYM After
7/31/2018ColHarrisonAcquired via tradeCin After
7/31/2018ColKarnsTraded awayCin After
7/31/2018ColLopez,ReAcquired via tradeCin After
7/31/2018ColMontero,RAcquired via tradeNYM After
7/31/2018ColPirelaAcquired via tradeCin After
7/31/2018ColRayTraded awayCin After
7/31/2018ColSolarteTraded awayCin After
7/31/2018MiaDuffy,MMAcquired via tradeSF After
7/31/2018MiaJansenTraded awaySF After
7/31/2018MiaKontosTraded awaySF After
7/31/2018MiaPerazaAcquired via tradeSF After
7/31/2018MiaPerez,HTraded awaySF After
7/31/2018MiaSpangenbergTraded awaySF After
7/31/2018MiaStreetAcquired via tradeSF After
7/31/2018NYMAlbers,MAcquired via tradeCol After
7/31/2018NYMMontero,RTraded awayCol After
7/31/2018PitAdams,LTraded awayAtl After
7/31/2018PitAhmedAcquired via tradeChN After
7/31/2018PitBeltAcquired via tradeAtl After
7/31/2018PitDavis,RaAcquired via tradeChN After
7/31/2018PitHamelsTraded awayAtl After
7/31/2018PitHarveyAcquired via tradeAtl After
7/31/2018PitHill,RTraded awayChN After
7/31/2018PitMatzAcquired via tradeChN After
7/31/2018SFDuffy,MMTraded awayMia After
7/31/2018SFJansenAcquired via tradeMia After
7/31/2018SFKontosAcquired via tradeMia After
7/31/2018SFMcGowan,DTraded awayWas After
7/31/2018SFPerazaTraded awayMia After
7/31/2018SFPerez,HAcquired via tradeMia After
7/31/2018SFRosenthalAcquired via tradeWas After
7/31/2018SFSpangenbergAcquired via tradeMia After
7/31/2018SFStreetTraded awayMia After
7/31/2018WasMcGowan,DAcquired via tradeSF After
7/31/2018WasRosenthalTraded awaySF After
8/2/2018CinBlachDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/2/2018CinFreesePromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2018CinHudsonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/2/2018CinHudsonPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2018CinMaedaActivated from disabled list  Before
8/2/2018LAAltherrDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/2/2018LAErvinReleased  Before
8/2/2018MiaReynolds,MatSigned  Before
8/2/2018MilEatonActivated from disabled list  Before
8/2/2018MilEatonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/2/2018MilKuhlActivated from disabled list  Before
8/2/2018MilKuhlDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/2/2018NYMBaez,PDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/2/2018PitGrandersonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/2/2018PitOsuna,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/2/2018PitPiscottyPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2018PitRamos,APromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2018SFKontosDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/2/2018SFKontosDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/2/2018SFLorenzenDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/2/2018SFLorenzenDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/2/2018SFSanchez,AdDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/2/2018SFSanchez,AdDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/2/2018StLAlbiesPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2018StLLagaresDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/2/2018StLRevereReleased  Before
8/2/2018WasBumgarnerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/2/2018WasJankowski,TDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/2/2018WasKivlehanSigned  Before
8/2/2018WasKivlehanPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2018WasMcGowan,DPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2018WasSimsPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2018WasTreinenDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/3/2018ColFieldsDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/3/2018ColLesterActivated from disabled list  Before
8/5/2018ColChapman,ADemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/5/2018ColChapman,APromoted to active roster  Before
8/5/2018PitGiolitoPromoted to active roster  Before
8/5/2018PitLackeyPlaced on disabled list 8/6/2018Before
8/5/2018SFSanchez,AdPromoted to active roster  Before
8/6/2018CinCozartPlaced on disabled list 8/7/2018Before
8/6/2018CinGalvisPromoted to active roster  Before
8/7/2018ChNHembreePromoted to active roster  Before
8/7/2018ChNMontgomery,MPlaced on disabled list 8/7/2018Before
8/7/2018MiaAdlemanPromoted to active roster  Before
8/7/2018MiaGarrettPromoted to active roster  Before
8/7/2018MiaRiddlePromoted to active roster  Before
8/7/2018StLNovaActivated from disabled list  Before
8/7/2018StLSkaggsDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/9/2018ChNHahnPromoted to active roster  Before
8/9/2018ChNLeBlancDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/9/2018ChNStewart,BSigned  Before
8/9/2018ColAsherPromoted to active roster  Before
8/9/2018ColFlaherty,JPromoted to active roster  Before
8/9/2018ColMargotDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/9/2018ColMcCarthy,BDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/9/2018MiaGarrettDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/9/2018MiaRevereSigned  Before
8/9/2018MiaReverePromoted to active roster  Before
8/9/2018PitDavis,RaReleased  Before
8/9/2018PitOsuna,JReleased  Before
8/9/2018SFBlashSigned  Before
8/9/2018SFMotteDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/9/2018SFRosenthalPromoted to active roster  Before
8/9/2018SFSanchez,AdDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/9/2018SFStoryPlaced on disabled list 8/6/2018Before
8/9/2018SFTurner,JuActivated from disabled list  Before
8/9/2018WasConleySigned  Before
8/9/2018WasConleyPromoted to active roster  Before
8/9/2018WasFeldmanDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/9/2018WasJankowski,TPromoted to active roster  Before
8/9/2018WasKnappDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/10/2018CinMartinez,JDActivated from disabled list  Before
8/10/2018CinVillarDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/11/2018CinKarnsPromoted to active roster  Before
8/11/2018CinKeuchelPlaced on disabled list 8/12/2018Before
8/11/2018SFCastillo,LPromoted to active roster  Before
8/11/2018SFGray,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/12/2018AtlFreeman,FActivated from disabled list  Before
8/12/2018AtlMelanconDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/13/2018ChNDiaz,ElPromoted to active roster  Before
8/13/2018ChNPinaPlaced on disabled list 8/14/2018Before
8/13/2018LAForsythePromoted to active roster  Before
8/13/2018LAWongPlaced on disabled list 8/14/2018Before
8/14/2018MilFlores,WPromoted to active roster  Before
8/14/2018MilTomlinsonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/16/2018AtlFlowersActivated from disabled list  Before
8/16/2018AtlHedgesPlaced on disabled list 8/7/2018Before
8/16/2018ChNHahnDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/16/2018ChNHill,RActivated from disabled list  Before
8/16/2018ColChapman,ADemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/16/2018ColMontero,RPromoted to active roster  Before
8/16/2018NYMCrawford,BActivated from disabled list  Before
8/16/2018NYMStrailyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/16/2018PitGiolitoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/16/2018PitRoss,JPromoted to active roster  Before
8/16/2018StLAlbiesDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/16/2018StLTapiaPromoted to active roster  Before
8/16/2018WasFeldmanReleased  Before
8/18/2018ChNLa StellaPromoted to active roster  Before
8/18/2018ChNSchugelDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/19/2018NYMStrailyPromoted to active roster  Before
8/19/2018NYMTeheranDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/19/2018PitMatzPromoted to active roster  Before
8/19/2018PitPiscottyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/21/2018MilAnderson,CDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/21/2018MilHarperDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/21/2018MilKuhlPromoted to active roster  Before
8/21/2018MilPolanco,GPromoted to active roster  Before
8/22/2018ChNAlmoraPromoted to active roster  Before
8/22/2018ChNHughes,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/22/2018ChNMontgomery,MActivated from disabled list  Before
8/22/2018ChNPanikPlaced on disabled list 8/23/2018Before
8/22/2018ColCorbinPromoted to active roster  Before
8/22/2018ColFrazier,ADemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/22/2018ColHerrmannPromoted to active roster  Before
8/22/2018ColKahnleDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/22/2018ColMarinezSigned  Before
8/22/2018ColMarinezPromoted to active roster  Before
8/22/2018ColStriplingDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/22/2018LAChatwoodPromoted to active roster  Before
8/22/2018LAForsytheDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/22/2018MiaAnderson,TyPromoted to active roster  Before
8/22/2018MiaRyuDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/22/2018PitHoffmanDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/22/2018PitLackeyActivated from disabled list  Before
8/22/2018PitWeaver,LActivated from disabled list  Before
8/22/2018PitWheeler,ZDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/22/2018SFBarnes,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/22/2018SFKontosPromoted to active roster  Before
8/24/2018CinCozartActivated from disabled list  Before
8/25/2018CinGalvisDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/25/2018SFPerez,HDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/25/2018SFStoryActivated from disabled list  Before
8/27/2018AtlAdams,LActivated from disabled list  Before
8/27/2018AtlAdams,LDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/27/2018AtlDespaignePromoted to active roster  Before
8/27/2018AtlHedgesActivated from disabled list  Before
8/27/2018AtlHedgesDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/27/2018AtlLivelyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/27/2018AtlSyndergaardDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/27/2018AtlTuivailalaPromoted to active roster  Before
8/29/2018CinKarnsDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/29/2018CinKeuchelActivated from disabled list  Before
8/29/2018MiaCuetoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/29/2018MiaRomanoPromoted to active roster  Before
8/29/2018NYMRuiz,RPromoted to active roster  Before
8/29/2018NYMValaikaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/29/2018StLCole,APromoted to active roster  Before
8/29/2018StLVizcainoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/31/2018AtlAdams,LPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018AtlFeddePromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018AtlFriedPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018AtlGantPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018AtlGlasnowPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018AtlHeaneyPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018AtlHedgesPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018AtlLivelyPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018AtlLugoPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018AtlMahlePromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018AtlMelanconPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018AtlOkertPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018ChNBaumannPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018ChNBlevinsPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018ChNDesmondPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018ChNFreelandPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018ChNHahnPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018ChNHughes,JPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018ChNMinterPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018ChNStewart,BPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018ChNWoodruffPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018CinBlachPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018CinBlanco,GPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018CinCandelarioPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018CinGalvisPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018CinGonzalez,APromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018CinKarnsPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018CinKelleyPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018CinParker,JPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018CinRenfroePromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018CinRoss,TPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018CinTelisPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018CinVillarPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018CinWatsonPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018ColBautista,JPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018ColCrawford,JPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018ColEickhoffPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018ColFrazier,APromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018ColMargotPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018ColPivettaPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018ColSmith,MPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018ColSwansonPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018ColTulowitzkiPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018LAAltherrPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018LAForsythePromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018LAGarcia,JarPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018LAKoehlerPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018LAMercerPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018LAPencePromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018LASanchez,HPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018LASiegristPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018LASuarez,APromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018LATaillonPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018LAThompson,JPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018LATomasPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018LAZimmermannPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018MiaCecchiniPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018MiaChafinPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018MiaGarrettPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018MiaGloverPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018MiaKelly,CPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018MiaPlaweckiPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018MiaSierraPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018MiaStephensPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018MilCordobaPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018MilDifoPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018MilEatonPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018MilFlexenPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018MilGrichukPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018MilJones,RPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018MilNewcombPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018MilSmith,DoPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018MilTolesPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018MilTomlinsonPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018MilTorrensPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018NYMAlfaroPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018NYMAnderson,BriPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018NYMBaderPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018NYMBaez,PPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018NYMBandaPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018NYMBroxton,KPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018NYMScheblerPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018NYMSolerPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018NYMTeheranPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018NYMWainwrightPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018PitAhmedPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018PitCervelliPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018PitFlorimonPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018PitGiolitoPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018PitGoharaPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018PitGrandersonPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018PitHarveyPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018PitHazelbakerPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018PitHoffmanPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018PitMatonPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018PitPiscottyPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018PitWheeler,ZPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018SFBarnes,JPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018SFBettisPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018SFBlashPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018SFCorderoPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018SFGuerra,JuPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018SFLorenzenPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018SFLuplowPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018SFMottePromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018SFNavaPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018SFPerez,HPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018SFPeterson,JPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018SFSanchez,AdPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018SFSchwarberPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018SFTrumboPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018StLAlbiesPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018StLBraultPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018StLCaratiniPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018StLDiaz,APromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018StLFrancoPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018StLLagaresPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018StLRosario,AmPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018StLSkaggsPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018StLVizcainoPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018WasAschePromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018WasBandyPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018WasBrinsonPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018WasEflinPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018WasFamiliaPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018WasHooverDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/31/2018WasMiller,SPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018WasPetersPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018WasQuackenbushPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018WasSogardDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/31/2018WasTreinenPromoted to active roster  Before
8/31/2018WasUriasPromoted to active roster  Before
9/4/2018ColFrazier,ADemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/4/2018ColLopez,ReDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/4/2018ColSuzuki,KDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/4/2018MiaHendricksDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/4/2018WasAybarSigned  Before
9/4/2018WasWinkerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/6/2018ChNPinaActivated from disabled list  Before
9/9/2018AtlLivelyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/9/2018AtlMelanconDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/9/2018AtlMorrowDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/9/2018StLGyorkoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/9/2018StLHolland,GDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/11/2018ChNPanikActivated from disabled list  Before
9/11/2018MiaBlanco,AReleased  Before
9/11/2018MiaBlanco,ASigned  Before
9/11/2018MiaPradoSigned  Before
9/11/2018SFJayDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/11/2018StLRojasDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/11/2018WasBlanco,ASigned  Before
9/11/2018WasButlerReleased  Before
9/11/2018WasRamos,WDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/12/2018CinPhillips,BreDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/12/2018LAWongActivated from disabled list  Before
9/12/2018MiaHammelDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/12/2018MiaRiddleDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/16/2018MiaReynolds,MatReleased  Before
9/16/2018NYMAlbers,MDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/16/2018NYMKendrick,HDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/16/2018NYMNolaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/16/2018StLBrachoSigned  Before
9/16/2018WasAmaristaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/16/2018WasAokiDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/16/2018WasBrachoReleased  Before
9/16/2018WasBrachoSigned  Before
9/16/2018WasEllisSigned  Before
9/16/2018WasHooverReleased  Before
9/16/2018WasPedersonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/16/2018WasYatesDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/18/2018AtlIglesias,RDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/18/2018AtlReed,AdDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/18/2018MilDeJongDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/18/2018MilGennettDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/18/2018MilTaylor,MDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/18/2018MilTolesDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/18/2018SFHatcherDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/18/2018SFStrasburgDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/18/2018WasTurner,TActivated from disabled list  Before
9/20/2018SFMotteDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/23/2018StLNeverauskasDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/23/2018StLVizcainoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/23/2018WasLeiterDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/23/2018WasWachaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/25/2018ChNWoodruffDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/25/2018ColCamargoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/25/2018ColFlaherty,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/25/2018ColMcGrathSigned  Before
9/25/2018ColMcGuireReleased  Before
9/25/2018ColMcGuireSigned  Before
9/25/2018ColVelasquezDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/25/2018ColVolquezDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/25/2018MilJones,RDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/25/2018MilSuarez,EDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/25/2018NYMd'Arnaud,TDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/25/2018NYMMurphy,DDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/25/2018SFAsuajeDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/25/2018StLLagaresReleased  Before
9/25/2018WasBailey,HReleased  Before
9/26/2018CinDoolittleDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/26/2018MilDickeyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/26/2018MilEatonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/26/2018NYMd'Arnaud,TPromoted to active roster  Before
9/26/2018NYMRuiz,RDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/27/2018CinGodleyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/27/2018SFPoseyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/27/2018SFRivera,TDemoted to reserve roster  Before